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Welcome to CorelDRAW X6 Macros Help

Welcome to CorelDRAW X6 Macros Help

Welcome to CorelDRAW X6 Macros Help!

This resource can help you explore the macro-related features and functions of CorelDRAW. An understanding of these features and functions can help you automate tasks or develop commercial solutions that integrate with the software.

In this resource

This resource contains the following sections.

Introduction to the concepts of automation and macros, and to the macro-programming formats supported by the software
Overview of the macro-related tools and features of the software
How to write, record, run, and debug macros
How to use Corel Query Language (CQL) to include queries in macros
How to enhance the usability of macros through dialog boxes, toolbar buttons, user interaction, and documentation
How to organize and deploy the macros you create
Overview of the most important features and functions of the CorelDRAW object model
Details on all available macro commands for CorelDRAW

Also included is a glossary, which defines many of the key terms used in this documentation.

Most of the code examples provided in this documentation are written in VBA.

In the Object Browser of the Macro Editor, you can display a Help topic for any selected object-model element by pressing F1.
In this sectionl

This section contains the following topics:


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